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Wi-Fi, or Wireless Fidelity, is freedom. Freedom from wires, It allows you to connect to the Internet from just about anywhere - a coffee shop, a bed in a hotel room or a conference room at work without wires. And the best thing of all, it's super fast - almost 10 times faster than a regular dial-up connection.

Tata Indicom Wi-Fi – Experience the Best
Apart from having the largest number of Wi-Fi hotspots in the country, Tata Indicom Wi-Fi also has the distinction of being the only member of the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA)- encompassing leaders in the telecommunications industry.

Tata Indicom WiFi, has also got many ‘Firsts’ to it’s credit-

First in the country to Wi-Fi


major airports across India


a hospital in India


a cricket stadium


an educational Institute


a mobile showroom


a railway station


and more ...

Freedom to move around and surf anywhere within the Tata Indicom Wi-Fi Zone. [At all locations where Tata Indicom Wi-Fi service is available]

Experience the net at blistering speeds. Download music, watch movies, the latest videos, play games, share ideas and much more. All in the blink of an eye.

No waiting to connect to the net and no busy signals. Just click and you're online instantly and wirelessly.

Talk on your phone and surf the web at the same time. Never worry about missing an important call.


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